Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Searching for ‘Disaster’

When I look for jobs on the internet, whether through Devex, or FPA’s nice job list, I search for important words that describe what I want to do:

Conflict (prevention)
Disaster (management)
Genocide (prevention)
Conflict (early warning)
Conflict (management)
Peace (creating, keeping, etc)
(counter) terrorism
(anti) narco-trafficking, human trafficking, small arms trafficking
(anti) black markets
(helping) refugees, internally displaced persons
(trying to resolve) entrenched conflicts
(preventing, healing and resolving) gender based violence…etc

Strangely, the second part is always implied and I’m startled when people ask if I study genocide to commit genocide…I always forget to say ‘prevention.’ Funny how I forget also that it’s a bit weird to google ‘genocide’ and ‘conflict’ all the time.

What are your key words in your job search?

what happens when i search for conflict and then get it? :/

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