Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Time flies! A view towards Nigeria.

Dear Readers,

Many apologies for my long lapse. I had a bit of a crash-landing when I got back to the States in December...and then I started a new job--I'm a Crisis, Stabilization and Governance Officer! Cool title, huh?

I've been learning about working within the USG--while contemplating the lessons I learned in Nigeria. Not surprisingly, I miss Nigeria. Despite the craziness (most likely because of it), Nigeria is a land of constant growth/change/stimulus/innovation.

It is unfortunate that certain groups have resorted to violence during this electoral season--and it is even more unfortunate that security forces are ineffective and corrupt--and no one will address the actual grievances that lead to the violence.

I think it is important to ask ourselves--what do Boko Haram want? What does MEND want? What is so bad in their situations that violence is the tool they choose to use?

I'd be curious to hear your thoughts.