Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nigeria Photo Contest First Entry: People

Dear all,

This photograph was submitted by Simona--an Italian who's lived in Nigeria for 15 years!

The Post that gets the MOST COMMENTS for that category will be considered to be the winner! So if you LIKE this photograph, comment a lot!

This photograph was taken in January 2010 on Bauchi Road.

This photograph is titled: "No Standing."

Hope you enjoy this and the many other photographs!


  1. FANTASTIC FOTO!!!!! Deserves to be #1!!!

  2. Seriously, everything is incredible about this picture. But what happens if more incredible comes along. I'll just have to vote for them all.

  3. Lorry looks stationary and on shoulder of the road so picture does not quite convey the irony it intends - I think. Nice shot, though.

  4. I always enjoy how people decorate the backs of their trucks...

  5. Just because it is on the shoulder of the road, does not mean it wasn't going mach 4 inches away from some obstacle. That's one thing I don't miss about Nigeria. Great picture.