Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Chinese in Nigeria: What should I ask them?

Dear all,

I will ask this question in a few forms as I prepare for this job in Nigeria. I will be spending 6 months in the Niger Delta, working on a project. On the side, I figure I have a unique opportunity to befriend and interview the Chinese businessmen, government officials, etc while I'm there (since I speak Chinese).

Everyone wants to know what China is up to on the continent of Africa.

What should I ask them? What does everyone really want to know?



  1. Chinese officials? Meh. I'm MUCH more interested in the Chinese labor that is sent to Africa. I've heard that often 50% of the manpower on a Chinese infrastructure project in West Africa is filled by Chinese labor. I've theorized that, among other benefits, it helps stabilize the gender imbalance in China. So the questions I would want to ask would be about personal lives. What prospects for marriage did these workers see for themselves at home? How long did they intend to stay in Africa when they signed up? How long do they intend to stay now? Have they had relationships with Nigerian women? Would they buy land/property in Nigeria?

    Basically questions of migration. Also, I want to know what happens when cantopop meets makosa. ^_^

  2. There's Chinese in Nigeria? How big a population? Why were they sent to Nigeria? Choice or were they pushed? How have they been getting along in Africa? What are their difficulties? what do they like/dislike about Nigeria? what about food? Can they cook their own, or have they had to adapt Nigerian food to their taste?

  3. 1)there's no makosa in nigeria (WACIUMA)

    2) the chinese havent been in nigeria long enough to start adapting nigerian food to their tast. in naija, there are many many chinese resto's now and they're all the rage

    3)its true. china uses mostly chinese manpower on all infrastructure projects. its really funny to see. from the manager to the bricklayer..all chinese! i think its china's way of getting rid of people from its overcrowded lands...the same way the brits sent their criminals and outcasts to australia...and the way the irish fled to america ...its a good form of population control

    i would like to know if china will ignore human rights abuses in nigeria or other african countries because they're only focused on 'business'....truth be told, i dont think any chinese official u speak to will tell u the real reason china is involving itself in africa (re: spreading chinese govt ideology)