Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More on China in Nigeria: Challenges Brew Opportunities

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I always find it interesting to know what other people are reading. Let me know what news you're following.

This was sent to me by my mother:

In Africa for mutual growth This describes the Chinese interest in Nigeria from a Chinese perspective. It also is a refreshing step away from the doom and gloom approach of Western Media.

Ma Chao gives some good advice: "The Chinese should learn to engage with civil society and tribal leaders. Chinese firms venturing into Nigeria should learn to deal with trade unions, NGOs and the media."

I'd also like to point out that the successful Chinese business people mentioned in the article, have all been in Nigeria for 20+ years. That's not the 'new wave' of China 'taking over the world.'

Chinese investment opportunities exist in infrastructure and Chinese products need to improve in their quality.

Another interesting quote: "The Nigerian government and politicians are keen to see more Chinese firms invest in Nigeria. Compared with their Western counterparts, Chinese companies are more sincere in developing together with Africa. They usually make great efforts to train local staff and transfer technology to their partners.

"In half a century, Nigeria has barely acquired any technology in its dealings with the West. But the Chinese are ready to transfer theirs. That's why we began looking East for opportunities", says Ibrahim Mantu, senator and former deputy president of Nigeria's senate."

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