Sunday, June 20, 2010

More advice on Security Clearances

Some links passed to me by readers:

Security Clearance Lawyers to help you through the process.

The Polygraph Examination: Forewarned is Forearmed

So far, being helpful and polite is important, too. My security clearance interviewer was pretty ticked off by the previous interviewee--who was rude and demanding. Also, dress nicely (you don't need a suit, but you should take it seriously).

Either way, best of luck!


  1. From a reader:
    I volunteer for a disaster management organization DMORT. Each time we're moved from one agency to another, we've had to reapply each time for security clearance. Most government agencies don't communicate well with each other. It also helps to supply one permanent unchanging email address I use Wellesley alum address. It cuts down the errant communication. Above all be patient. If the FBI needs a reference. Let the people you offer as a reference know that the FBI will be contacting them, so it won't surprise them. Also if you're a health care professional make sure your hands are thoroughly moisturized. Dry hands hamper the fingerprinting process.

  2. from another reader:
    Good to see you here Alena! I came across this link while performing a due diligence and I thought of you! Take care, S

  3. From another Reader:

    If you are looking for a consultant to provide realistic advice on personal as well as facility clearances, I highly recommend Nancy Wigal of or