Thursday, June 3, 2010

Will YOU get an All-Clear?

Dear all,

I'm waiting on a security clearance.

A friend sent me this article by Derrick Dorch. It outlines how the whole thing works--which is really helpful to know, even if you don't have a lot of control over things.

Word from the wise (in this case, I now feel somewhat well informed on the topic):

-Keep good records (of addresses, all former landlords, their contact information, all former employers, what happens to them after you leave, etc)

-Prepare: take a look a the SF-86 form in advance

-Be nice: Keep in good and friendly contact with many many people. I don't know how true introverts complete a security clearance. You'll have to list all former roommates, bosses, never leave a relationship in a bad state.

-Be nosy: You have to politely find out which of your friends are dual citizens or foreigners...lots of fun...since that's a pretty personal topic.

-Be honest! They want to know if you're BE trustworthy...its tough, and scary. Unfortunately I wasn't raised going to confession, so I'm out of practice listing all my sins to a total stranger.

-Be patient--and get another job while you're waiting. This will take awhile. You'll need to be able to eat while you're waiting.

-Be sympathetic--no one understands how painstaking and time-consuming this process is except those who have gone through it. I certainly didn't!

Any other advice? Feel free to share.



  1. I like to add..
    -Be sure to inform the people you have listed on your form as references. Give them a brief explanation of why an investigator will contact them.

  2. Hi ladies,

    I think a more "down-to-earth" advice about clearances can be found on the web site below. It is from a laywer specialized in the field. Good luck to you all!