Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 3: From Rags to Riches...Sort of

Ten Days ago, I had less than $10 in the bank. I was surviving on my part-time job and the generosity of the good relationships in my life. Last night, I was being picked up with my boss by drivers with a Mercedes SUV, blasting club music, and taken to where the G was hanging out with the MF at the Villa.

Beautiful marble, very nice champagne, and a fairly productive strategizing session. How fast the world turns and changes things around. I think I was more disoriented by the change in my fortunes (and how careful one needs to be around the powerful) than the champagne.

Despite my favorite World Cup Team (Portugal) losing during the meeting, the whole thing had me in hysterics inside.

I’m excited by my project, I am having a very nice time in Abuja with my extended friendship network, and even got in some daimoku with the local Buddhists.

I am also grateful for my mix of experience in witnessing abject poverty, experiencing relative poverty, experiencing great opportunity and being around great wealth. Diverse life experiences do help, sometimes.

I dated a millionaire once, for a year or so…which exposed me to prejudices I did not know I had at the time (I was so mean to him! Poor guy). BUT it also showed me the good and bad sides of the “Good Life” and the limits of it. I’ve also had a millionaire propose (same guy) to me and I’ve said no, so the Nigerians can’t buy me, or charm me with money.

The other thing I’m grateful for is my 2+ years in New York City and my BS meter. So, I’m not easily impressed and I am not blinded by the glitz. I’m not even tempted to try that life. I can sip my champagne, leave the second glass untouched, and just get my job done.

Either way, the G, ME, my boss and I were very productive. I think the project will get off the ground nicely.

Still, it’s been quite the whirlwind! Thank goodness for good friends! Also, thank goodness for the BS meter…keeps a girl grounded!


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